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Harga Tabung Apar ABC Dry Chemical Powder 3 Kg

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ABC Fire extinguisher tube with the content / media Dry Chemical Powder Fire extinguisher Modern is a very easy to use in the prevention of fire hazards.

Dry Chemical Powder
A combination of Mono-ammonium phosphate and ammonium sulphate. Its function interrupt the chemical reaction that occurs in the combustion zone, so the fire goes out. Dry Chemical Powder also has a low melting point and the particles are very dry and swell to form a barrier to oxygen can not enter so as to cover the area of the fire ( fire) , eventually the fire will not turn on because the footing is covered by Dry Chemical powder.

1. Tube Code: EP 01
2. Overall Height: 345 ( mm)
3. Tube diameter: 84 ( mm)
4. Working temperature: -20 S / d 60 ( ' C)
5. Pressure in the tube: 15 ( Bars)
6. Test pressure: 25 ( Bars)
7. Spray time: 6 ( Seconds)
8. Distance spraying: 2 S / d 5 ( M)
9. Effective spraying: 95 ( % )
10. Total Weight: 2.3 ( Kg)
11. Fire rating: 2A 10B

Benefits and services:
* Free shipping for purchases Fire tube JABODETABEK area apartment.
* Given demo / training how to use a fire extinguisher free for JABODETABEK area.
* Match the pressure in the tube 2 years for seal pin still intact.
* Sticker free fire way to make it easier to determine the placement area and make it easier to check the apartment.
* Do periodic checks per-6 months.

Advice and Tips:

* Fire Tubes Apar / Fire extinguisher placed in a place easily visible, not obstructed by any object.
* Tubes fire extinguisher within easy reach. Placement apartment not too high, not to exceed the standards of FMD 120cm or 20-30cm above the floor surface.
* To avoid the freezing media on fire extinguisher, please do 1 time-reversal pembolak tubes per month.
* Do check the pressure in the tube with a pressure check / indicators that are on fire extinguisher.
* Do check the hoses on the fire extinguisher.
* Do the tube cleaning her apartment to avoid rust and corrosion.

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Bayu Purbaya [Marketing]
Mobile Number:+6285881043388
Phone Number:+622189950084
Fax Number:+622189950767
Address:Jl.Raya Cikarang Cibarusah-Ruko Mutiara Bekasi Jaya Blok L No.11
Bekasi 17340, Jawa Barat
http: / / tabungpemadamapi.org
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